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$ 3,750 / month
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Job Details:

Position: Executive Sous Chef - Chinese Cuisine
Total Vacancy: 1 Male/Female

Job Description:

Purpose of Role
To drive food quality improvements to exceed stakeholder expectations, enhance brand image and maximize short and long term profitability. In parallel, lead and organise HACCP/ safety and cost efficiency best practice.

Responsibility of Role
1. Maintain a consistently high quality of food
2. Attract business through producing attractive, tasty and varied food
3. Full compliance with Halal regulations
4. HACCP and safety standards of 95% plus
5. Control food cost to be below 30%
6. Organise manning to be cost efficient
7. Coaching and mentoring junior staff
8. Maintain a clean and safe work environment
9. Effective communication and collaboration with all
10. Reporting irregularities promptly
11. Meeting best practice and implementing industry initiatives

Person Specification

1. Education
a- Culinary degree (desirable)
b- City & Guilds 706/1/2/3 or equivalent (essential)
c- Food Safety Level 3 or equivalent (essential)

2. Experience
a- Experienced kitchen leader competent in BBQ, steam and wok cooking
b - Two years’ experience in a Chinese kitchen in the luxury hotel
c - Chinese kitchen management experience
d- Halal compliant kitchen experience

3. Functional Knowledge
a- In depth knowledge and application of luxury hotel kitchen production process and organisation
b- Proven track record in busy international chinese kitchen
c- Proven experience and deep understanding of the application of core kitchen process
d- Capacity in creative menu development and installation
e- Track record of good food cost management
f- Proven leadership skills
g- Good computer skills to Microsoft Suite
h- Good standard of general education
i- Kitchen safety requirements
j- Use of kitchen equipment
k- Able to communicate well in English (Essential)

4. Physical requirements
a- Ability to meet the requirements of the role
b- Seven days per week, including early morning, day, evening and late night

Core Job Functions
1. To provide effective oversight of food quality by
a- Creating new and innovative menus to the latest international trends
b- Being aware of local tastes and aligning the food offering with valued improvements
c- Setting up recipes, cookery methods, production systems and implement consistent standards
d- Ensuring adherence to the agreed recipes and standards of presentation
e- Implementing the agreed production systems and methods
f- Inspecting cooking methods to ensure consistency
g- Delegating kitchen tasks fairly and on a rotational basis
h- Organising proper / adequate mis-en-place to support the efficient delivery of food on time
i- Instigating constant improvements through defining standards, coaching, training and following up
j- Building a constructive relationship with banqueting/ restaurant clients and attracting new ones
k- Supporting the development of improvement projects and refurbishment

2. Support full compliance with the Brunei Halal regulations, in
a- All products used being approved by the authorities
b- Seeking prior approval for any new products required

3. Oversee effective food cost management by
a- Processing efficiently at each stage to minimise wastage and apply accurate portion control
b- Ensuring recipes and portion size by weight are complied with
c- Preparation of raw ingredients correctly to minimise wastage
d- Storing all items efficiently and using stock rotation, to manage perishables and use-by-dates
e- Approving valid purchase orders and challenging those with excessive price / consumption
f- Minimising use of brought-in prepared food
g- Maintaining records and acting to reduce all food waste
h- Controlling the movement of food between outlets to optimise the safe usage of food
i- Tracking the cost to sales ratio daily and taking corrective action when necessary
j- Participating in the budgeting process and business planning including capital expenditures

Generic Technical Competencies
1. Labour Resource Management Managing the productivity and meeting the payroll budget through
a- Organising the deployment of staff cost effectively
b- Maintaining productivity through fair and reasonable allocation of work, holding all accountable
c- Ensuring fair and accurate rostering is taking place in all areas to provide adequate manning
d- Maintaining and utilizing the permanent staff headcount properly and to the optimum
e- Managing casual labour, where justified by increased business and the profitability permits
f- Processing of attendance and payroll records accurately
g- Controlling the allocation of 1/12 of vacation monthly and OIL/PILs within 30/ 60 days for all
h- Allocating staggered meal breaks, maintaining consistent operational cover
i- Directing departmental tasks fairly and on a rotational basis
j- Addressing and resolving poor attendance

2. Health And SafetyResponsible for complying/ maintaining HACCP, H&S and fire policies in all areas to protect all stakeholders, through
a- Ensuring the hotel policies and procedures are constantly followed
b- Maintaining HACCP compliance and accurate recording of all critical points
c- Conducting daily inspections, monthly audits and corrective coaching to maintain standards consistently
d- Ensuring all employees comply with personal hygiene rules and report infections and health hazards
e- Reporting pest control issues promptly
f- Identifying top risks per area, including COSHH, HACCP, H&S and fire related, compiling risk assessments and implementing safe methods of work to mitigate risks
g- Organising the procurement and ensure the diligent use of PPE
h- Checking safe temperatures are maintained and reporting/ resolving these otherwise
i- Being alert to failures, intervening and stopping any unsuitable activities / threats quickly
j- Delivering repeated training of all employees to apply identified safe systems of work and build safety competency
k- Taking prompt corrective action to ensue hazardous situations are resolved quickly and do not recur
l- Taking responsibility for safe evacuation of guests and staff in the event of fire/ emergency
m- Reporting all emergencies, dangerous occurrences and accidents to the Levels 2 to 3/ GM immediately

Generic Leadership Competencies
1. Communication Demonstrate personal communication skills, including
a- Actively listening with patience to achieve a clear understanding
b- Asking questions to maximise own understanding and making judgments with all the facts/ reasons
c- Consistently taking the initiative to keep others fully informed to avoid confusion
d- Expressing self-non-verbally, showing respect, attentiveness and understanding
e- Enable the recipient to respond to feedback in their own way/ time, whilst maintaining their dignity/ ´face´
f- Modifying own style in accordance with sensitivity to differences and cultural and religious reticence
g- Using one-to-ones, briefings or meetings as appropriate to achieve understanding
h- Maintaining an approachable demeanour and being accessible to all levels
i- Being open and transparent with all, both in delivery and receiving
j- Being positive about absent colleagues, stopping gossip, especially malicious , as it undermines trust
k- Clearly communicate vision, mission and values to ensure absolute understanding

Initiate and facilitate effective communication across all aspects of the department
a- Understanding and resolving confusion and complexity to explain clearly and simply to diverse audiences
b- Clearly constructing collaboration to overcome discord/ unresponsiveness between individuals/ departments
c- Identifying what has to be done, sequencing, prioritising and communicating with the team / Levels 2 and 3
d- Supporting and communicating Hotel policies and procedures and changes/ improvements positively to all
e- Using a range of communication methods and structures to meet the needs of others
f- Supporting verbal communication with written follow up for efficient understanding/ implementation
g- Attend and contribute constructively in monthly departmental/ inter-departmental meetings
h- Understanding personal limitations and confidently initiating timely escalation to Levels 2 and 3/ GM

2. Drive for results Driving improvements through
a- Maintaining a positive and dynamic ‘can do’ work ethic
b- Enabling and collaborating with all others to set them up for success
c- Taking full and broad leadership ownership to constantly achieve the vision
d- Continuously analysing matters to resolve and overcome challenges
e- Identifying and organising an efficient supply of materials and equipment as needed
f- Suggesting improvements through observation, listening and a determination to resolve
g- Reasonable and rational contribution to coordinated continuous improvement
h- Making informed decisions, based on data, smart trust and sound judgement
i- Coordinating, organising and planning to achieve efficiency
j- Delivering KPIs on a timely basis

Performance manage to improve output and efficiency
a- Inspecting and holding all levels of employee accountable for delivering standards
b- Resolving conflicts to restore collaboration and performance
c- Challenging and resolving conflict and unreasonable behaviour and poor work habits
d- Recording behaviour and performance observations, both positive and negative
e- Conducting fair and motivating appraisals which facilitate confidence/ improvement/ development

3. Leadership Contributing to developing all to improve capability by
a- Identifying and communicating training needs
b- Supporting cross-exposure to build service experience, knowledge and skills
c- Conducting on-job training and coaching for the consistent delivery of standards
d- Reporting errors and inconsistencies reliably to Levels 2 to 3 for resolution

Closing Date: 18/02/2020

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