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Job Title: Company Clerk - Vehicle Maintenance and Logistics

Job Overview:

As a Company Clerk responsible for vehicle maintenance and logistics, your primary role will involve overseeing the administrative aspects of the company´s fleet, ensuring compliance with regulations, and maintaining accurate records. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and other computer applications is essential for managing data related to vehicle licenses, road tax, and inspections.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

Vehicle Documentation Management:

• Maintain up-to-date records of all company vehicles, including small and big trucks.
• Ensure proper documentation of vehicle registrations, licenses, and insurance.

License Renewals and Updates:

• Monitor and track the expiration dates of vehicle licenses.
• Coordinate and ensure timely renewal of road tax, licenses, and permits.
• Update and maintain accurate records of the license renewal status.

Inspections and Compliance:

• Schedule and coordinate regular inspections for all company vehicles.
• Ensure vehicles comply with safety and environmental regulations.
• Address and rectify any compliance issues promptly.

Logistics Support:

• Collaborate with logistics teams to understand transportation needs.
• Coordinate the allocation of vehicles based on operational requirements.
• Monitor the availability and readiness of vehicles for logistics tasks.

Data Management:

• Utilize Microsoft Excel and other computer applications to maintain detailed records.
• Create and update spreadsheets to track license expiration dates, inspections, and other relevant information.


• Generate regular reports on the status of vehicle licenses, road tax, and inspections.
• Provide reports to management on fleet performance and compliance.

Communication and Coordination:

• Liaise with government agencies, insurance providers, and other relevant entities for documentation purposes.
• Communicate with drivers and logistics teams to ensure smooth coordination.

Cost Monitoring:

• Monitor costs related to vehicle maintenance and licenses.
• Identify opportunities for cost savings in vehicle-related expenses.

Emergency Response:

• Assist in coordinating emergency responses related to vehicle breakdowns or accidents.
• Ensure prompt resolution of any issues affecting the company´s transportation fleet.

Qualifications and Skills:

• Strong organizational and administrative skills.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and other relevant computer applications.
• Knowledge of vehicle regulations, licensing procedures, and logistics operations.
• Attention to detail and accuracy in record-keeping.
• Effective communication skills for coordination with internal and external stakeholders.
• Problem-solving abilities and a proactive approach to logistics and vehicle maintenance challenges.

Education and Experience:

• High school diploma or equivalent; additional education in logistics or related field is a plus.
• Proven experience in a similar role, preferably with a focus on vehicle maintenance and logistics.
• Familiarity with relevant regulations and documentation processes.
• Training or certification in Microsoft Excel and other relevant computer applications.

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