Frequently asked questions

There are two possibilities:
• When you insert your FIRST ad / classified: - click Insert ad and fill the registration form. Choose a unique username. Keep your username and password for later use!
• When you insert your NEXT ad / classified (second, third, etc.): click Insert Free Ad, login to access Central Panel page. Click Insert Ad button and fill the form (only the content of your classified is needed).

Is not recommended to use, for title or description of your classified, short words (internet slang, sms style, etc), because when visitors are searching ads using normal words as keywords, your classified will not be displayed!
Is not recommended to write a very short description. Classifieds with 100 words will be displayed more frequently than classifieds with 3 words for description, when visitors search using keywords!

You can insert an unlimited number of free classifieds for publishing online, following our terms and conditions.

Click Insert Free Ad, login to open Central Panel page. Click Edit Ad button from menu.
Your classifieds will be listed with Edit Ad button available. Click to edit as you like.

Click Insert Free Ad, login to open Central Panel page. Click Renew Ad button from menu.
Your classifieds will be listed with Renew Ad button available. Click to renew as you like (up to 3 ads per day).

Click Insert Free Ad, login to open Central Panel page. Click Images button from menu.
Your classifieds will be listed with Images button available. Click the button to manage photos associated with a listing.

Click Insert Free Ad, login to open Central Panel page. Click Delete Ads button from menu.
Select all the ads you want to delete (click inside the checkbox in front of your ad), then click Delete selected ads button.
It will opens a page with all ads selected to be deleted. Click Yes, delete button to delete those ads

Click Insert Free Ad, login to open Central Panel page. Click Edit Account button from menu.

Click Insert Free Ad, login to open Central Panel page. Click Delete Account button from menu.
Click Delete My Account button to confirm (your personal data and all your current classifieds registered in our database will be deleted).
In case you deleted your account and later want to insert other free classifieds you need to fill again the registration form.

Our services for publishing online your classifieds are free of charge, so we can't guarantee your classified will have a certain rank in search results list. By default, the ads are displayed sorted by registration date, in descent order (last registered classified, will display first in list).
To help you to have a better control of your classifieds ranking, we offer the Renew option, so that with one click, your ad will be moved from the current position to the top of the search results list (read above how to Renew your ad).

To keep it simple, we not send email for confirmation of registered classifieds. The email address you fill in registration form help viewers of your classifieds to contact you through email.
Note: To protect your privacy, your email address will be hidden and a contact form will be used.

By default, expiration date is after 90 days from registration date. We give you enough time and hope you will manage your classifieds properly, to keep for publishing only classifieds which are still available.
After 90 days, if the item for sale is still available, you can use Renew ad option to renew it for another 90 days!

People interested in your product can contact you through email (using a formular, so that your email will be hidden) or by phone. When insert your first classified, you have the option to fill email address and phone number or if you prefer, only one of them.

Yes, you can. Just fill 'Yahoo ID' box from the formular (this will be attached to your personal data) . Your online image status will be displayed to all your ads from that account and visitors can contact you by YM.

Yes, you can. Just fill 'Website' field from formular.

Yes, you can. If you have a video presentation posted on YouTube, just fill 'Video' field from formular. Click the link Graffic exemple from the right side of the box to see how to do it.

To search for the classifieds you are interested in, there are two ways:
   a) using menu buttons from top (For Sale, For Rent, Wanted, Jobs)
   b) using all-in-one Search Bar from top. This is most powerful tool for searching. There are keywords field, category field and region field. You can use only one field or any combination between them and click Search button. When using keywords, by default that search will be done only 'by title'. You can salect 'entire ad' option and search will be done by title and description.

Keywords must have at least 4 characters!
Use only alphabetical characters! Special characters will be ignored.

All classifieds are published online 'as they are', without our intervention, following our terms and conditions.
If you find an ad which disturb you, or you think can disturb somebody else, or broke our terms and conditions, we strongly ask you to click Report abuse button, placed under contact details, and fill the form to let us know about this. We'll check and if you're right, the respective classified will be blocked from publishing.
We hope, with your help this website will remain decent and clean.

When you find interesting classifieds you can save them to favorites for later reviewing.
To save an ad click Favorites link (under title on product page), and later, click Favorites from menu to display the classifieds already saved and still valid.
Favorites works using a cookie. If you delete cookies from your browser you will loose your classifieds saved to favorites. All cookies expire after one month.

• Keywords can be only words with minim 4 characters!
• Keywords can be lower case, upper case or mix.
• Search bar is a powerful tool. Feel free to try any combination. Is there, so use it!

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