$390-Room rental (Rimba near Giant)wa8934111
$ 390

Pictures of $390-Room rental (Rimba near Giant)wa8934111

Brunei Real Estate
Property type:
Rooms / Roommates - For Rent
Rental price:
$ 390
Brunei Muara
Bandar Seri Begawan
Ad ID:
-$390-Room rental (Rimba near Giant)offer your price! boleh runding(whtapp-8934111)
-Few minute to Gadong, UBD & UTB, Whtapp– ‪8934111‬ (Harga boleh runding)
-Rental period must be more than 1 year.
-one (1) room attached with with toilet(w/water heater) and kitchen.
-clean, cosy, modern n safe environment
-located at rimba area.
-Provided with 1 unit split aircond and car park

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