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Kuala Belait
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Kuala Belait
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Job Requirements (STRICTLY EVALUATED) :
Certificate of competency COP II-4 (non-COP holder may also apply)
Basic Safety Training and SDSD or SSA Certificate
Rigger Certificate (an advantage)
With Offshore Experience

Job Description :
Ensure ship is clean and in good condition;
Assist in mooring-unmooring / Anchor operation;
Assist Duty Officer on Navigational watch and carry out fire, safety and security around during the watch;
Perform Gangway watch while vessel is at port;
Act as helmsman (for AB only);
Assist in lifting operations and gangway preparation (for Rigger only);
Assist in loading and unloading of cargo and equipment as instructed by Ship’s Officer;
Promote safety on daily tasks.

Benefits & Remuneration :
Salary Range : $35 BND (non-COP holder) to $45 BND (with COP II/5)
Free Employment Medical Examination sponsored by the Company
Free Training sponsored by the Company [QUALIFIED CREW ONLY]
Yearly Contract (3 Months Onboard, 1 Month On Leave) [QUALIFIED CREW ONLY]
Leave Pay Allowance [QUALIFIED CREW ONLY]

Working Location :
Brunei Waters; for Offshore Vessels servicing the Operations of Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP)

Note :
IMPORTANT: Open to Brunei Citizens and Residents only; All Foreigner applicants

will be Rejected

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