Coffee Machine Sunbeam E7100
$ 1,100

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$ 1,100
Used / Second-hand
Brunei Muara
Bandar Seri Begawan
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Brunei Muara
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Bought this machine in July 2019 Bnd$1400 from Australia. This machine is a dream coffee machine as it has several functions in brewing your favourite coffee either using freshly grinded beans or using capsules from nespresso, cafitally and such. It is built with dual boiler and you may pull shots while frothing your milk. The frother came with an installed thermometer and you may watch the temp of your frothed milk. The machine is in excellent condition. Do PM me at 8299202 for further inquiry. I will delivery the machine in Brunei-Muara for free, other districts will be charge accordingly.

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