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$ 1,500 / month
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Position: Complicated Lift Planner @Lifting Person In Charge
Total Vacancy: 1 Male

Job Description:


• Minimum 8 Years of experience in Field Lifting in an Upstream Oil & Gas onshore Environment, Strong, and demonstrated, personal commitment to HSSE Leadership and experience in managing.
• Mandate Lift Planner is responsible to gather information & data required from site survey,
• select lifting equipment of the correct capacity & propose the type of rigging arrangement required to be able to plan & prepare a Lifting Plan complete with task-based risk assessment in line with BSJV L&H requirements and obtain the necessary approval from BSJV relevant technical authorities.


• Minimum eight (8) years of practical experience working in the Oil & Gas Industry in Lifting & Hoisting equipment and operations, (i. e. familiar with lifting equipment designs, heavy lifting operations).

• Must successfully passed & have the following valid Certification from BSJV training providers.
i) Introduction to Lifting & Hoisting Operations Certification,
ii) Rigger’s Training (Level I) Certification.
iii) Competent Rigger (Level II) Certification,
iv) Banksman Training Certification.
v) Competent Banksman Training (Level II) Certification.

• Preferably have an Engineering background (i. e. Diploma, BA, BSc in Engineering or equivalent).
• Able to read crane load charts, incorporating adequate safety factors to the load.
• Able to assess the load characteristics and determining slinging requirements.
• Have good understanding of basic crane principles of stability and crane configurations, operating principles like reading load chart, structural strength vs stability.
• Excellent leadership & interpersonal skills.
• Fluent in both spoken & written English and Malay language.
• Strong understanding of Brunei Shell Petroleum’s HSSE requirements.
• Basic mathematical & drafting skills required.
• Possess MS Office skills particularly in Excel, Words, Access, and PowerPoint & AutoCAD.
• Able to work independently and meticulously.
• No criminal record.

Tasks and Duties:

• To explain to PIC &/or lifting crew prior to the lifting activity on execution details as per Lifting Plan and task-based risk assessment.

• To gather information and data required in preparing in lift plan

• To carry out site surveys, feasibility, identify site conditions checks and identify potential hazards associated in Lifting operations.

• To interpret equipment data (weight from manifests, dimensions, material, lifting points availability and COG).
• To identify the resources required like rigging gears or lifting accessories to lift the load for the lifting plan & proposed the type of rigging arrangement.
• To select & propose the crane capacity required for the lift with understanding of the limitation of the lifting equipment, compute the crane capacity utilization as per Manufacturer’s load chart , work out the safety margins and lifting equipment configuration
• To compute based on the various types of rigging arrangement the rigging capacity utilization and safety margins
• To prepare the work plan in English on how to execute the lifting operation from start till completion of the job
• To classify the various Lift Classifications (Routine Lift vs Non Routine Lift) accordingly to BSJV lift categories
• To prepare risk assessments, mitigations and contingency plans based on potential hazards identified from site surveys & propose control measures to address them.
• To liaise & obtain the necessary approval for the Lifting Plan from BSJV relevant technical authorities.

Fundamental of Lift Planning

• Density of materials, weight calculation and estimation (dynamics and statics, payload, rig load, contingency)
• Identification of load crucial information
• Conversion of units of measurements
• Basic trigonometry
• Slinging Forces and Tensions
• Finding Centre of Gravity
• Selection of Lifting Equipment (Crane, Rig gears & etc. )
• Rigging study (how to rig the load for security)
• Standard rigging arrangements VS Non-standard
• Load bearing capacity
• Ground conditions
• Distance away from excavations, power lines & etc.
• Crane sitting Plan, boom clearance, height and angle
• Pick up and place down operating radius
• Permissible wind speed
• Crane utilization and safety margins
• Loading forces distribution in a two crane lift
• Methods of communication
• Methodology (Work Plan)
• Review and approvals

Preparing a Lift Plan

• Gathering information and data required in preparing a lift plan
• Site surveys, feasibility, site conditions checks and associated hazards identification
• Equipment data (with from manifest, dimensions, materials, lifting points availability and COG)
• Handling instructions
• Selection of lifting equipment and type of rigging
• Crane capacity check, utilization and safety margins and lifting equipment configuration
• Rigging capacity check, utilization and safety margins
• Preparing the work plan, how to carry out the lift and completion of the job
• Classifying the Lift according to BSJV lift categories
• Risk assessments, mitigations and contingency plans
• Review and approval requirements

Execution of the Lift Plan

• Pre-lift checks and toolbox talks
• Site verification if the plan is according to the actual site and vice versa
• Changes that affect the safety of the lift plan & the lift
• When to hold, stop and restart/recommence as fresh
• The person in charge of the lift and his/her crew


Education Required: First Degree or equivalent
Age: 30 - 45 years old
Driving License Class: 3
Basic Salary: B$ 1, 500 / Month
Employment Type: Full Time

Closing date: 29/02/2020

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