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· An appreciation of the nutritional and clinical dietary demands of patients that shall include but not limited to patients with obstetric and gynecological conditions, orthopedic conditions, cardiac conditions, cancer conditions including those receiving radioiodine and chemotherapy treatment, neurological conditions such as stroke amongst others, patients who are receiving rehabilitation treatments and those receiving post-surgical care. It is important to note that there may be specific and personalized special therapeutic diets and other special dietary requirements and nutritional demands requested by the expert clinical team.

· To include in the proposal, knowledge, planning and the programme of clinical standards for food, fluid and nutritional care in hospital standard meals and service planning to maintain proper nutrition for patients during admission or those receiving treatment in the day wards.

· Provide details on how your organization will comply with the Joint International Accreditation Standards for Hospitals 6th Edition will be achieved. In particular ´´The Food and Nutrition Therapy´´, standards, intent and its measurable elements.

· Operations complying with the relevant local Laws and Regulations.

· Provision for an auditing program system to monitor the delivery of patient meals and the movement of portable kitchen equipment.

· Must engage with a qualified Hospital trained and experienced Chefs, Kitchen Staff and Support Staff for the Hospital Patient and Cafeteria meals.

· Must engage qualified and trained Clinical Dietician to manage design, assess all nutritional status of meals and patient meals in clinical settings.

· Must engage with a qualified and trained catering Dietician to manage design, assess all nutritional status of meals and patient meals in clinical setting. Close and effective liaison and communication must occur with the hospital Clinical Dieticians and Language Therapists regarding any specific recommended diet and consistency requirements for patient for all centre.

· Must engage a qualified and trained Hospital F&B Ward Executive to provide personalized F&B services in all wards stipulated, to coordinate and ensure all patients and in patient meals are in accordance to the Hospital´s standard of preparation and delivery requirements as stipulated.

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