Driver-Crane Truck
$ 25 / day

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$ 25 / day
Kuala Belait
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LTS 5383, Spg 26 Jalan Mumong/Kuala Balai Kuala Belait
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Position: Driver-Crane Truck
Total Vacancy: 5 Male

Job Description:

Have successfully passed & have the following valid Certification from BSJV training providers.

1. Defensive Driving Course DD-1,
2. Loading & lashing L2029.
3. Truck Driving Course L1271
4. Articulated vehicle driving course L1272,

For Lorry Mounted HIAB Crane Driver, require the following additional course.

1. Defensive Driving Course DD-1,
2. Rigging & Slinging L2049A,
3. Truck Driving Course L1271
4. Lorry Mounted HIAB course L9449,

- Must possess a valid Brunei Driving Licence- class 3, 4, 5, 11 & 2
- Positive attitude towards driving safety
- Minimum 5 years of experience required operating prime mover truck with trailer of similar capacity and model. A proven record of work experience detailing the actual number of hours operating the vehicle must be provided.
- Able to read and understand traffic regulations, signs and driving instructions, operating instructions and operating instructions
- Able to read and understand traffic regulations, signs and driving instructions
- Familiar with prime mover truck & trailer & competent to operate the vehicle knowing the vehicle’s limits on loading distribution /height/size/weight; factors to be considered when siting the cargo on the trailer.
- Any other requirements as required by BSJV Training & Competency Manual.
- Physically & medically fit to obtain a valid medical certification (A5) from any BSJV approved medical clinics.
- General understanding of HSE systems
- A team player with a good interpersonal skills.
- No criminal record.
- Corrected vision of 6/9 or better.

Tasks and Duties

• Deliver goods while operating a tractor-trailer truck,
• Load and unload cargo.
• Record amount and type of cargo(es) being delivered.
• Ensure cargo is properly secured before driving.
• Take orders for new deliveries from Transport Supervisor.
• Drive long distances.
• Fill up on fuel, clean truck, and wash windows.
• Report to a dispatcher any incidents encountered on the road.
• Monitor road conditions and watch for traffic congestion.
• Follow all applicable traffic laws.
• Inspect their vehicle before and after the trip, and record any defects found.
• Follow accident procedures if an accident occurs.
• Report serious mechanical problems to the appropriate personnel.
• Keep vehicle, and associated equipment, clean and in good working order.
• Plan routes
• Send items to client on time.
• Transport hazardous materials.
• Take special precautions while driving.
• Maintain log of trips.

Education Required: National Vocational Certificate (NVC) or equivalent (NTC)
Age: 22 - 45 years old
Driving License Class: 4--5
Basic Salary: B$ 25 / Day
Employment Type: Full Time

Closing date: 01/11/2019

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