$ 1,000 / month

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Construction / Engineering Jobs
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$ 1,000 / month
Brunei Muara
Bandar Seri Begawan
Local area:
No. 2, Tingkat 2, Bangunan Hjh Adi II, Simpang 15, Kampong Menteri, Jalan Gadong
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Position: Engineer
Total Vacancy: 2 Male/Female

Job Description:

• Responsible for developing and testing solutions to solve technical problems in research and development, manufacturing, sales, construction, inspection, and maintenance.
• Assists engineers, inspects products, conducts tests, and collects data.
• Create solutions to complex technical problems in a variety of industries.
• Assist engineers and scientists as they create, modify, and test products and processes.
• Perform extensive research and development during creation phase of product.
• Inspect products and processes for flaws and identify areas of improvement.
• Conduct tests and collect data.
• Assist in product ensign, development, and production.
• Build and set up equipment.
• Prepare and conduct experiments.
• Calculate or record results during experiments.
• Create prototypes of equipment.
• Utilize computer-aided design and drafting equipment during design phase.
• Operate and maintain equipment used to test aircraft and spacecraft.
• Calibrate test equipment.
• Program and run computer simulations to test designs virtually.
• Estimate construction costs and specify materials to be used.
• Perform land surveying.
• Monitor traffic conditions.
• Design, develop, test, and manufacture electrical and electronic equipment such as communication equipment, medical monitoring devices, navigational equipment, and computers.
• Design, develop, test, and manufacture electronic and computer-controlled mechanical systems.
• Develop methods used in the prevention, control, or remediation of environmental hazards.

Education Required: First Degree or equivalent
Age: 25 - 50 years old
Driving License Class: 3
Basic Salary: B$ 1, 000 / Month
Employment Type: Full Time

Closing date: 25/09/2019

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