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The Fitness Instructor is a role ideal for anybody with a passion for ‘Making an Impact’. The Fitness Instructor is influential in enabling Jab Gym’s ‘Making an Impact’ statement by delivering and conducting engaging classes designed to improve clients’ mental and physical well-being, muscle tone and strength and, in some cases, promote weight loss.

The Fitness Instructor role offers the chance to lead, instruct and motivate clients in taking up an active and healthy lifestyle and achieving their full potential, in line with Jab Gym’s culture and values. As a trainer, the Fitness Instructor’s role provides high performing individuals with the opportunity to not only grow professionally, but also cultivate long-lasting client relationships.




Weekly – 40 Hours

Weekly Roster Allocation
Fitness Instructor (Classes) + PT Classes – 25 Hours
Floor Host – 9 Hours
Attending Masterclass – 1 Hour
Self-Training – 5 Hours


Customer Experience
The Fitness Instructor acts as the face of Jab Gym in delivering exceptional customer service as their duty is to continuously raise the service bar by providing a consistent approach of courtesy, cordiality and intellectual energy in:

Class Preparations: Practicing moves and combinations developed by Head Coaches in order to create an effective fitness experience for clients
Deliverance of Classes: Conducting and delivering classes to clients programmed by Head Coaches to ensure consistency and development. Part of this process includes working alongside Head Coaches in their Masterclass
Equipment Maintenance and Environment: Regularly carry out checks and maintenance of flooring, fixtures, equipment and machinery as well as gym layout to ensure clients have enough room to exercise safely
Cleaning: Provision of supervision of cleaners to ensure periodic and consistent sanitization of equipment and all gym areas
Customer Engagement: Establishing a foundation of understanding and meaningful interaction with clients by not only ensuring clients’ needs are met, but that their sessions at Jab Gym represents an enjoyable experience

Fitness Leadership
Floor Hosting: Participate in clients and community outreach initiatives with the key focus of educating clients and generating lead sales
Fitness Instructor: Conduct group fitness classes to gain first hand feedback from customers on programming and refining classes as necessary
Values & Culture: Representing Jab Gym by acting as the role model in embodying Jab Gym values and inspiring a culture of openness, community and learning within the Fitness Team
Ad-hoc: Contribute to the overall success of the Jab Gym’s Fitness Program by performing all other duties and responsibilities as assigned


Candidates should possess and demonstrate the availability of the competencies below:

Technical Skills
Relevant Fitness Accreditation, preferably in sports or health sciences discipline, e. g. Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Movement Science or other related field
Strong communication skills both verbal and written (Malay/Mandarin is an added bonus)
Strong coaching skills

Interpersonal Skills
Proven self-leadership level capabilities by demonstrating ability to work effectively and independently with minimal guidance
Comfortable with conflict resolution and ability to handle feedback
Willingness to learn, adapt and improve in a fast pace environment
Collaborative mindset and willingness to learn new skills and work with team members
Strong problem-solving skills and ability to proactively seek to improve business


Team Members
Reports to Fitness Coordinator


Please send a CV and any relevant credentials to jabgymbn@outlook. com
Age: 18 - 40 years old
Employment Type: Part Time/Full Time

Closing date: 15/07/2020

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