Forklift Driver
$ 410 / month

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$ 410 / month
Brunei Muara
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Position: Forklift Driver
Total Vacancy: 10 Male

Job Description:

Required: Must have more than 3 years experience.

1. Driving and operating Forklift. Can lift 2-3 tons.
2. To operate forklift safely and in accordance to safe lifting rules.
3. To transport large and heavy materials from one location to another.
4. To load heavy materials from storage area to truck scheduled for delivery.
5. To perform physically demanding work.
6. To maintain the forklift in clean and good working condition.
7. To adhere to the requirements of safe work practice (W. I. S. E. ) by using safety helmet, belt or harness when using the forklift to lift heavy goods in it up to 4 levels high pallets.
8. To assist the Store Personnel in arranging and stacking the goods in the warehouse.
9. To report to the Superior or management any problems encountered in the forklift.
10. To conduct periodic basic maintenance for forklift and infrastructure e. g. flooring, ceiling, etc.
11. To perform housekeeping works of the warehouse for examples sweeping and cleaning warehouse toilet and dining area.
12. To perform unloading of incoming goods from suppliers/containers and assist logistics personnel in loading processes of customer orders.
13. To identify job hazards & report to the management
14. Understand, implement stock inventory e. g. stock take, stock rotation system, etc.
15. To perform other duties/jobs as instructed by the management from time to time. Close

Education Required: Lower Secondary Assessment (PMB) or equivalent (BJCE)
Age: 25 - 35 years old
Basic Salary: B$ 410 / Month
Allowances: B$ 90
Employment Type: Full Time

Closing date: 06/08/2019

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