Forklift Operator - 16 tons & above
$ 28 / day

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$ 28 / day
Kuala Belait
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LTS 5383, Jalan Mumong/Kuala Balai
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Position: Forklift Operator - 16 tons & above
Total Vacancy: 3 Male

Tasks and Duties

- To operate the forklift by moving controls, devices & levers to transfer materials between storage areas for loading & unloading work in a safe & efficient manner following prescribed work methods and ensuring that the cargo is free of damage.
- To stack & organize materials at storage area in a neat, clean & orderly manner.
- To carry out daily inspections according to the Daily Forklift Checklist prior to operating the assigned forklift including performing minor maintenance work. Any damages or missing items must be reported immediately before using the forklift.
- On a daily basis, inspect and perform minor maintenance on the forklift or other equipment.
- Accountable for the proper use and security of the forklift (including any side equipment) while having custody of the forklift. Key must be removed when forklift is not in use.
- Understand and obey all site laws and regulations.
- Duty to stop the work should Employee be asked to operate the Forklift to handle cargo that is above the forklift’s rated capacity or to carry out any work which the Employee feels unsafe doing so.
- To not operate the forklift while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
- To not reverse in blind spot with calling for Banksman’s assistance.
- Compliance with working hours as assigned. Operators are recommended to show up for work half an hour early before the time assigned and work in accordance with the operational needs of the Operation.
Any emergency leave or sick leave must be reported to the immediate Supervisor at the earliest opportune time to allow arrangement for a replacement.
- To assist in any other duties that may be assigned by a Manager or Immediate Supervisor.


- Must successfully passed & have the following valid Certification from BSJV training providers.

1. Forklift Operating Training
2. Defensive Driving Course DD1

- Must possess a Brunei Class 3 driving license for light vehicle
- Minimum 3 years of experience required operating forklift of similar capacity and model.
- A proven record of work experience detailing the actual number of hours operating the forklift crane according to the capacity of forklift provided with valid certification recognized by BSJV.
- Positive attitude towards driving safety
- Able to read & interpret basic standard hand signals from Banksman during reversing.
- Able to demonstrate basic forklift principles of stability and forklift configurations, operating principles like reading load chart, structural strength vs stability, understand purpose of typical forklift safety device like load indicator.
- Familiar with forklift & competent to operate forklift knowing the forklift’s limits on load type/height/size/weight and operating configurations.
- Able to identify safe lifting principles during planning like knowing load weight and center of gravity, planned path hazard identification.
- Any other requirements as required by BSJV Training & Competency Manual.
- Physically & medically fit to obtain a valid medical certification (A5) from any BSJV approved medical clinics.
- A team player with a good interpersonal skills.

Education Required: GCE ´´O´´ Level
Age: 26 - 40 years old
Driving License Class: 3
Basic Salary: B$ 28 / Day
Employment Type: Full Time

Closing date: 10/04/2020

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