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$ 12 / day
Brunei Muara
Bandar Seri Begawan
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Looking for freelancers to sell our books at primary schools on different dates.
You will be added to our WhatsApp group along with others for this job. So when we need someone for a job, we will you inform through the group. Priority will be given to person closest to the selling venue or first come first serve basis. For each venue a pair of people will be assigned but u may have to work alone if there is no one else available.

- You will be required to load and transport the books from a meeting point and then proceed to the venue.
- Rendezvous with the relevant authority (on the same day) to set up shop.
- Sell books between 9 a. m to 1 p. m. We will provide a checklist for u to record the sales (very simple) and small change as well.
- Report back to us.

$12 minimum salary/job + a little extra $ based on sales quota

- Brunei local
- Age: 18 -30
- Can speak Malay and at least basic English.
- Passed O Level
- Have own transport (preferably big car).
- Good personality and no criminal record.
- Experience in sales is an added advantage.

Please email us your CV with photo at phmd. marketing@gmail. com or WhatsApp us at +6737251703

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