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Brunei Muara
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Pavo Point, Level 4, Bandar Seri Begawan
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The Fitness Manager is responsible for the overall leading team of group fitness instructors and personal trainers. Overseeing the strategic direction for the Fitness Team, the Fitness Manager formulates the overall fitness program strategy for maximum effectiveness and delivering differentiation and innovation in terms of fitness offerings

The Fitness Manager is accountable for the development of the Fitness Team and is the integral management stakeholder in the ownership of managing the Fitness team budgets. The Group Fitness Manager is also expected to work at least 5 hours on the Gym Floor (weekly) in the capacity of a Fitness Instructors to continually understand the fitness needs.

I. Fitness Instructors Class Review –2-3 Hours (total 10 Hours per month)
II. Fitness Instructor (Classes) – 3 Hours
III. Office – 36 Hours

Strategy & Planning
• Fitness Strategy: Establishing Jab Gym’s fitness strategy by defining, implementing and executing the strategies for Group Class fitness, Personal Training and Corporate fitness.
• Budgeting & Forecasting: Working along Finance, Strategy and Business Performance team, be actively involve in the budgeting and forecasting process
• Fitness Framework Development: Conceptualize complex ideas and join ambiguous various dots in the business to curate the fitness framework
• Annual Program Planning: Develop the annual Program Plan in conjunction with the Budgeting & Forecasting Process for costing and resourcing allocation.

Leadership & Management
• Cross Functional Management: Working cross-functionally with all department in refining the Fitness Team deliverables to deliver on the overall strategic vision for Jab Gym
• Facilitate Conversations: Acting as key spokesperson and representative for the Fitness Team to create opportunities for synergies across Jab Gym’s ecosystem
• Profit & Loss Management: Collaborating alongside the Operations Manager by managing the Fitness Team expenses to ensure the delivery of both business top line and bottom line

Programming & Performance
Operational Cadence: Establishing an operating rhythm for Jab Gym by defining, implementing and monitoring the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly Fitness Team tasks
Performance Review: Working alongside the Head Coaches and HR team, defining and implementing controls, SOPs, KPIs to ensure consistency in quality of Group Classes, PT and Corporate Fitness Offerings
KPIs & Analytics: Working alongside the Business Performance Team, is the business owner for the Fitness Team KPI deliverables by creating individual Fitness Instructor’s accountability to the overall Fitness Team KPIs
Compliance: Work in partnership with all departments to ensure Fitness Team is educated on the operations system/procedures to ensure all fitness staff are regularly kept up to date with the latest SOPs and changes to business operations and legal needs
Succession Planning: In partnership with HR Team, collaborate on empowering Head Coaches and Fitness Team to grow and develop all rounded skill set from technical Fitness knowledge, leadership capabilities and business acumen

Competent in Mircrosoft Suite
Comfortable with ambiguity. Proven ability to independently research market trends and analyse and interpret complex data
Strong communication skills both verbal and written
Solid understanding of day-to-day gym floor systems and process and demonstrated business acumen
Certificate in Fitness Training
Ability to align Fitness goals with Business goals
Proven potential in transformational-leadership by demonstrating ability to lead change
Able to learn, adapt and improve in a fast pace environment
Strong relationship management with the ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders on projects and deadlines
Proven leadership capabilities by demonstrating ability to coach, guide and instruct team and working collaboratively in a team setting
Ability to balance between goal orientation and people orientation to ensure goals are delivered with strong stakeholders’ engagement
Highly organized and ability to delegate and prioritise business deliverables

How to Apply
Please send an email and answer the following questions along with a CV and any relevant credentials to jabgymbn@outlook. com:
Please develop a Jab Gym Fitness Proposal (any format: Word, Video, Powerpoint) outlining the fitness strategy vision that delivers Jab Gym’s “Making an Impact” by:
• Define steps on how to implement and execute the strategy
• Describe Jab Gym’s differentiation and diversification in the fitness landscape both long term and short term
• Identify the stakeholders required to implement the strategy
• Suggest an action plan on how you would mobilize your team members to rollout this strategy
• A rough cost analysis
• Outline the KPIs required to measure the success of your strategy and how to collect these feedback/KPIs

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