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The Head of Strength & Conditioning is responsible for delivering Jab Gym’s unique fitness experience by managing, directing and designing fitness programs to continually enhance the knowledge and skills of Jab Gym instructors with the goal ensuring consistent standard in Jab Gym instructors’ deliverables

Head of Strength & Conditioning is also expected to work in the following capacity: Curating and development of fitness programs, reviews all Jab Gym instructors’ classes, acts as the Fitness Specialist host, conducts masterclasses and teach classes as fitness instructors

• Weekly Allocation
I. Programming & Development + Class Review – 18 Hrs
II. Masterclass – 2 Hrs
III. Fitness Instructor (Classes) + PT Sessions – 20 Hrs

Programming & Development
• Program Design: Develop, design, implement, and administer strength training programs unique to the assigned class, PT and corporate events utilizing research driven, evidence-based practices and current industry training practices
• External Development: Conducts a frequent need-analysis for customers to update, review and modify programs to reflect customer feedback
• Internal Development: Conducts a bi-annual evaluation of all Jab Gym Instructors stages of learning, including the design and recommendation of professional development activities
• Preventative Programming: Establishes and incorporates injury preventative programming to reduce sports-related injuries
• Rehabilitative Programming: Curates strengths & conditioning programs in the rehabilitation and reconditioning for customers to be able to return to play after injury
• Training Platform: Obtains and develops effective training materials utilizing a variety of media
• Technical Specialist: Acts as the subject matter expert on Strength & Conditioning by proactively updating self-knowledge and provides Strength & Conditioning consulting to the Fitness Manager in the rollout of new Fitness Initiatives

Performance & Review
• Instructorship: Provides instructions during Strength & Conditioning masterclass sessions to ensure that all Fitness Instructors develop a consistent approach in all their classes for cueing, key words terminology, pacing, music, format and duration
• Masterclass: Executes teaching plans through conducting regular masterclass weekly, with set objectives and providing a platform for instructors to be mentored to further improve their skills
• Evaluation: Conducts pre-training and post -training assessments by evaluating each instructor
• Performance Review: Working alongside the Fitness Manager and HR team, prepare bi-annual evaluations and progress reports regarding the progress, conditioning, and training of the fitness instructors for instructors’ performance management

Fitness Leadership
• Floor Hosting: Represents the Fitness Instructors as subject matter specialist in Strength & Conditioning, participates in customers and community outreach initiatives with the key focus of educating clients and generating lead sales
• Fitness Instructor: Conduct group fitness classes to gain first hand feedback from customers on programming and refining classes as necessary

• Relevant Fitness Accreditation, preferably in sports or health sciences discipline
• 3+ yrs experience in Sports Performance coaching
• Recommended participation in commercial or college athletics and the ability to articulate to customers the benefits of sports performance training
• Has a thorough understanding of human physiology
• Proficiency with MS Office software (especially Powerpoint) and familiarity with team, game, meet management software preferred
• Proven operational-leadership and relationship management skills by demonstrating ability to problem solve, streamline and influence stakeholders to work towards a common goal
• Proven capabilities by demonstrating ability to coach, guide and instruct team and working collaboratively in a team setting
• Adopt a growth mindset and ability to influence fitness team to pursue learning and coaching culture

How to Apply…

Please send an email and answer the following question along with a CV and any relevant credentials to jabgymbn@outlook. com:
Head coaches are responsible for delivering Jab Gym’s unique fitness experience designing fitness programs. Please develop a Strength and Conditioning Teaching Plan on how to assess and standardize the quality of classes. In your plan, include detailed:
Steps & ways on how to execute a Teaching Plan that allows for consistent but independent development in each individual Fitness Instructors goals, expectations and motivation.
Identify the KPIs and outline the evaluation process of each instructor’s personal development and training assessment.
Suggest new Fitness initiatives in response to being the first touch point of the subject matter expert.

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