Home tuition Sales Team Manager
$ 800 / month

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Job category:
Sales / Marketing
Job vacancy:
Job Offer
$ 800 / month
Brunei Muara
Bandar Seri Begawan
Local area:
Ad ID:
Positions: 3

Note: Must have own transport and laptop

1) Sales Assistant
2) Marketing Supervisor
3) Creative Assistant

SALES ASSISTANT (starting $85/month)
- Friendly and willing to learn
- Comfortable talking to clients
- Good selling skillls
- Know how to use Excel
- Willing to handout pamphlets/flyers to houses
- Promoting tuition services using videos

MARKETING SUPERVISOR (starting $150/mth)
- Familiar with photography
- Active social media user (posting in IG)
- Have experience dealing with overseas supplier/retailers
- Know how to use Microsoft, powerpoints, Excel and Canva
- Know how to deal w/ book publisher
- Create event programmes for students and parents (eg: field trips)
- Active in promoting competitions using social media
- Good video editing skills

CREATIVE ASSISTANT (starting $205/mth)
- Familiar w/ photoshop and Canva
- Experience in creating logo, posters or signboard
- Familiar w/ book designing and book binding
- Can draw or use digital programming for sketching
- Good photography skill
- Can work underpressure
- Design pamphlets or flyers monthly

One person can take up all three roles above. The monthly salary will be $450. Can reach over $800 if effort is shown.

[Working hours:]
Mon - Thu (1pm-5pm) & (6pm-9pm)
Friday (2pm-9pm)
Sat (off)
Sun (9am-3pm) & (4pm-9pm)

Fuel expenses $1. 44/day (13km distance from home to Mentiri area)
Food ($1. 5/day)
Annual bonus 10%

Send CV: evening. hometuition@gmail. com
WhatsApp: +673 8618561

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