Kenika Herb Toner & Mask
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treats and Control Acne

Best Anti Acne

Ingredients List

Contains from Mixed Fruits Extract Over 7 types. And inside of Mixed Fruits Extract will having the best of Alpha Arbutin from the natural helps to moisturizing and whitening the skin. ; AHA, Collagen ; An antioxidant called lypcopene ; Vitamin C , antioxidants and carotene etc. . . Thus Toner & Mask are the Best stuff to treats acne and get rid acne. With reduce black spot wrinks on face includes hleping brighter . Includings the majoring benefit from Mixed Fruits Extract Moisturizes Skin ; Clears Pigmentation ; Reduces Wrinkles ; Reduces Under-Eye Dark Circles ; Cures Eczema And Psoriasis Treats Melasma ; Removes Tan ; Controls Acne Breakout ; An antioxidant called lycopene with acts as a natural sunscreen ; Tomato Extract is the Natural Bleaching Agent and is very helpful in lightening the skin tone ; Remove Dead Skin Cells ; Tomatoes can greatly help you to remove dead skin cells.

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