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Egyptian Pharmacist & Microbiologist, having a robust background on Biotechnology, Molecular biology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, registered with MOH in Egypt and Saudi Arabia as well as a pharmacist.

in 2017 was senior pharmacist in Dr. regan Pharmacy, Egypt where i :
▪ Prescribe OVER THE COUNTER (OTC) medicines to simple complications the patients suffered
▪ Taught and explained how to work in pharmacy to 5 young pharmacists, 2 pharmaceutical assistance working under my supervision.
▪ Manage medicine and cosmetics stock and report to the owner on a weekly basis.
▪ Making the weekly Rotating Shift Work Schedule and making sure every employee adhere to it.

in 2016 I was a project worker in Biotechnology devision, lund university, Sweden where I :
• Done Master’s thesis work for 40 weeks (60 ECTS) worked with microorganisms and how to employ certain strains in the industry to produce bio-based chemicals as an alternative to the fossil-based chemicals.
• Maintaining and cleaning of the laboratory.
• Handling and maintain bacterial cultures, prepare media, autoclave, prepare buffers, analyze samples of my reactions with HPLC or GC, bioinformatics, Cell lysis. Enzyme characterization, biotransformation, bioreactor.


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