Reservoir Engineer
$ 4,000 / month

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Construction / Engineering Jobs
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$ 4,000 / month
Brunei Muara
Bandar Seri Begawan
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Level 9, DAR Takaful IBB Utama, Jln Pemancha
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Position: Reservoir Engineer
Total Vacancy: 1 Male/Female

Principal Accountabilities:

Provide plan and carry out Geoscience technical evaluation through meeting the agreed plan and ensuring smooth project execution in accordance to PETRONAS standard and superior technical results in supporting project & investment deliverables as part of PETRONAS global competitive advantage in field appraisal, development and production.

Job Description

1. Reservoir Surveillance Activities Lead and execute routine reservoir performance review, diagnosis / analysis and improvement activities or studies on long term reservoir performance to maximize production and recovery using appropriate methodology, in line with field life cycle management and good oil/gas field practices.

2. Reserve and Production Enhancement Develop periodic reviews of reservoirs performance and recommend changes in reservoir management policies (GOR limits, off-take limits, VRR, GiGp) and studies aimed at maximizing reserves base and enhanced production performance for FRMR, FRW and MORE review to ensure maximize oil recovery and identify further opportunities.

3. Technology Application Lead and implement specialized reservoir studies for production enhancement and optimization through appropriate technology and application to support reserves addition and/or production enhancement/optimization initiatives or projects (including IOR/EOR) to ensure that oil and gas reservoirs are being produced in the most efficient manner.

4. Production Forecast Develop long term production forecast (LTPF) by using ARPR and production database for field long term production planning to ensure maximum recovery and economic feasibility

5. Data Acquisition and Verification Coordinate acquisition, verification and storage of production and relevant reservoir data through periodic surveys (PBU, SGS, MPLT, Contact logging etc) in accordance to host government requirements to ensure effective reservoir management practices.

6. Annual Review of Petroleum Resources Lead and prepare Annual Review of Petroleum Resources (ARPR) of developed fields through reservoir simulation or other appropriate methodologies for asset accounting and submission to host government

7. Integration with Reservoir Studies Contribute in the preparation of Full Field Review (FFR), during the field development and Post Drilling Review (PDR) reports to capture lessons learnt and recommendations for further FDP opportunities

8. Networking and Relationship Building Foster and sustain effective working relationships and rapport with the government authorities, business and management institutions, national and key industry players and service providers to keep abreast with latest development to capture new business opportunities.

Education Required: First Degree or equivalent
Age: 30 - 40 years old
Basic Salary: B$ 4, 000 / Month
Employment Type: Full Time

Closing date: 05/04/2019

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