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a Leaf Tea Organic by Merimbun Herb Trading 37 Bag Se
a (Se
a Mecca/Se
a Maki) was used for centuries before being introduced into trade in Europe in the 9th century by Arabian physician. Se
a is a well known herb among early civilization and has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (known as Fan Xie Yie herb) and indian Ayurvedic Medicine. Se
a herb possess highly medicinal value, primarily use for laxative. Se
a is also used for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), hemorrhoids, and weight loss. Se
a herb has been listed as one of important herbal medicine for human health system.


Digestive system : Improve the function of the digestive system which increases the digestive absorption of vital vitamins and minerals
Respiratory system: Improve the absorption of oxygen for the respiratory system by promoting drainage of mucus from the lungs by thi
ing the mucus from the respiratory tract.

Detoxsification ability: removal of toxic substances from human body (which contribute to fatigue and general ill-health)

Weight loss & Obesity : The combination of acting as laxative and stimulant, regular intake of se
a tea is found to reduce the appetite without disturbing other body systems. It is also revealed that its quick gastric and intestinal emptying property augments overall therapy of weight loss as food moves through the systems quite earlier than many calories get absorbed.

Reduce cholesterol through cleansing process

Fatigue loss/depression/hypertension/insomnia through cleansing process

Popular use for Herbal Cleansing Tea/Detox Tea/Slimming Tea

Seeking for Agent for Distribution in Brunei
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Product from Malaysia
100% Organic/ 100% Natural/ 100% Free Caffeine

Merimbun Herba Trading

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