WANTED: Full-time Caregiver for Elderly
$ 350

Brunei Services
Babysitting / Domestic Help
$ 350
Brunei Muara
Bandar Seri Begawan
Local area:
Brunei Muara
Ad ID:
- Able to transfer/lift a 70kg elderly female from/to wheelchair to bed
- Change adult diapers/change clothes
- Transfer from bed to wheelchair to bathroom to take a bath/defecate
- Prepare breakfast/lunch/hightea/dinner for patient
- Accompany to government hospital/clinic at certain dates only
- Give medication once in the morning and night
- Vacuum/mop and clean patient room and bathroom at least twice a week
- Sleeps in the same room with patient
- Once a month day off till 6pm (end of month)
- Bonus: Dining out and grocery shopping with employers and patient for her psychological therapy.

Patient is always resting and sleeping. While she is resting, you may do some daily laundry in the morning and iron in the afternoon, vacuum/mop the dining and living room and clean bathrooms at least twice a week and take care of the kitchen.

Most importantly, you are willing to do this job with love, care, respect and sincerity to an elderly :) Whatsapp 8212070 if interested


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